A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Imagine sitting in a room with a priest and a hippie and a businessman. When you get the ball you have to speak whatever is on your mind and throw the ball back. But what can you do when anything you say may hurt those who are sitting with you? Be careful not to offend other players and try your best to relieve the tension. Survive for five minutes in this hardcore situation, throw the ball and stay tollerant. Or not.

Made for Game Off gamejam

Gamedesign, balance - Nikolay Kirillov
3d models, animation - Artem Rakhmatulin
Programming - Mikhail Petrushkov
Localization, programming - Oleg Avdeev
Art, promo - Nikolay Minenko


Tolerance Speach Club 18 MB
Tolerance Speech Club 23 MB


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I played and love it so much

(russian language)

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This gam is awesome for some reason:

1) the theme  and the goal are really cool, try to calm some people, to say something that we don't agree, it's really fun xD .

2) the vocal is WTF, I laugh a lot just for the vocal voice, with the man and the women.

3)It's really cool, because You know that is impossible to win, but you have the hope ^^ .

4) the music is cool ^^ .

So it's a cool game, really good work guys ^^ .